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K A T H A R A C A . N E T


The following is an exact quote from Azurite Press website regarding introduction to Kathara Healing.

you could follow this link http://www.azuritepress.com/kathara/kathara.htm  or read it below.




Introduction to the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System

 Ka= Light, Tha = Sound, Ra = ONE-Spirit

By A'sha-yana Deane Ekr.MCEO


The  "Universally Applicable" Kathara Bio-spiritual Healing System explores concepts of Holistic Healing, Spiritual Development, "Kundalini" energy and "Chakras" within a very specific, detailed format of advanced spiritual-science perspective. Kathara teaches that "Kundalini" energies are part of a larger, very specific system of organic Primal Life Force Currents that circulate energy & consciousness from a singular Source (or God-Source) through all of creation, including through our own multi-dimensional bodies & consciousness. "Kundalini" energies are those Primal Currents particularly pertaining to the dimension-1 through dimension-9 frequency bands; dimension-10 through dimension-12 Currents are called the Maharata or "Inner Christos" Currents. Dimension-13- through Dimension-15 Currents are called the Kee-Ra-ShA Currents of the Primal Light Fields, and there are a set of 9 non-dimensionalized Currents above these called the Khundaray Currents of the Primal Sound Fields. The Kathara System is designed to help us progressively reawaken the full spectrum of Primal Life Force Currents and their specifically corresponding levels of spiritual consciousness/higher-dimensional identity, within our bodies, through activating the D-12 Maharata Current "carrier wave". The D-12 Maharata Current holds what is called the original, pre-matter manifestation template for mind-body-spirit health, what we call the "Personal Divine Blueprint" or "Inner Christos".


Activation of the Maharata Current within the body progressively brings the 9-dimensional Kundalini Currents below it in frequency into progressive, undistorted, naturally sequenced activation, to reset the organic blueprint for health within the multi-dimensional spirit-mind-body system. The process of progressively reawakening the "Inner Christos" Divine Blueprint within the body simultaneously awakens the corresponding "Personal Christos Consciousness" to assist us in achieving progressive Spiritual Integration in our Conscious Evolution to "God (or Source) Realization" and "God Actualization". Kathara also teaches of the 15-Chakra System, the very specific frequencies of the interdimensional Triadic Phase Currents and the corresponding levels of consciousness awareness and spiritual identity, within the greater context of very specific 15-Dimensional Anatomy, which includes the DNA Template, "Auric Field", "Axiom Lines" and what are called the Scalar Shields and Merkaba Fields. The Kathara System is unique in that it most significantly teaches us the specific interdimensional structure of the Universal Unified Field itself, as well as quite specifically how our personal spirit-mind-body system fits and sustains within this structure.


The Kathara System is suitable for individual personal healing applications and client healing- facilitation, is compatible with any other healing modality, and will serve to amplify the healing potentials of other systems. The Kathara System introduced in the Kathara Bio-spiritual Healing System Instructor's Manual represents Kathara Level-1 and an Introduction to Level-2 of what is destined to become a 12-level program that is focused on "whole-being healing through progressive biological and spiritual awakening". Kathara is as much a course on (non-denominational, dogma-free) Spiritual Integration mechanics as it is a Holistic Healing course. The Kathara System is part of a much larger body of sacred spiritual-science teachings.


From the Kathara Level-1-2 Course, one may use Kathara technology for personal life enrichment and healing supplementation or offer Kathara spiritual healing-facilitation to clients. One can also teach the Kathara System if desired, through use of the Easy-reference Instructor's Sequence pages (page numbers at top right of selected pages) included within the text of the Kathara Bio-spiritual Healing System Instructors Manual. Instructor's Sequence pages are formatted specifically for transparency reproduction for use with over-head projection equipment in class presentation. To supplement Kathara Level 1-2 technologies, the Tangible Structure of the Soul Accelerated Bio-spiritual Evolution Program audio techniques course is available to amplify the effects of Kathara practices. Though Kathara Levels-3-12 are not presently available, one may progress from Kathara Level-1-2 to the more advanced spiritual development materials of the Maharata Texts "Dance For" Program. The Maharata Texts "Dance For" Program utilizes the understanding of our personal, planetary and universal 15-Dimensional Anatomy, and Unified Field Physics that is introduced in the Kathara Course as the starting point for more advanced spiritual development technologies.  The Maharata Texts "Dance For" Program is specifically focused upon developing Real Bio-Spiritual (Biological & Spiritual) Mastery through progressive application of advanced DNA Template, Primal Life Force, Spiritual Consciousness and Merkaba Mechanics.













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